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STEP 1- Email us the picture you want etched

STEP 2- Specify part to be etched (example:horn cover, derby cover etc.)

All our etchings are done by hand, each etching is unique. We will need to see what you wish etched in order to give you an accurate quote. Since no two etchings are the same you will be getting an original piece of art.

Once you have decided what you want to have etched, along with what motorcycle part you want it on just email us a picture or pictures at molk@etchingsbypig.com.

We will etch the picture exactly as it comes to us. For example... if you send us a picture of your dog and there is also a tree behind the dog, we will etch the dog and the tree...you will need to let us know if you only want the dog and not the tree...if you send us a picture of your son and he has braces, we will etch the picture with the braces...if you want the picture etched without the braces you will need to let us know.

  • In your email you will need to include the picture/pictures you wish etched.
  • We will need to know what part you want it etched on.
  • We will need to know the specific details of the picture you want etched.
  • Also include any additions to the etching, for example... names and dates.

    After we receive your picture and instructions for the etching, we will give you a quote.
    The more specific the information, the faster we can give you a quote.
    A rough draft will be emailed for your approval before any etching is started.


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